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Permanent Housing Development

PATH Ventures is the arm of PATH that builds homes for clients. PATH Ventures is helping end homelessness by building affordable rental homes that provide homeless and low-income individuals and families with the support they need to succeed. We are working to have 1,000 apartments built, under construction, and/or funded by the end of 2015.

Fact about

1 in 8 individuals living on the streets has served this country.

Who We Serve

PATH Ventures develops affordable and supportive housing for people in need. We specialize in housing solutions for people, experiencing or at-risk of, homelessness. Our housing developments serve many diverse populations, including:

  • Families
  • Veterans
  • Chronically homeless individuals
  • Seniors
  • Transition-age youth
  • Very low-income and working poor
  • Special needs populations (mental health issues, physical disabilities, chronic illness, etc.)

Our homeless and special needs residents typically require intensive supportive services, especially in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, health care, legal advocacy, and the development of critical life skills. To help our clients thrive, PATH Ventures incorporates supportive services in many of the buildings where our clients live, so they can just walk right downstairs to get the help they need.

PATH Ventures' History and Goals

Providing services to help people experiencing homelessness is critical, but the fact remains that communities need permanent, affordable housing in order to successfully end homelessness. In 2004 PATH realized that, if California needed more affordable and permanent supportive housing, the best way to achieve it was to build it ourselves. As a result, PATH founded PATH Ventures to develop long-term housing solutions for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

PATH Ventures’ housing models are designed to help high-needs people and families reintegrate into their local communities. Our unique housing developments provide supportive services—like case management, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, and more—for their residents to help them remain stable and healthy. Combining our development expertise with  PATH’s 30 years of experience providing services and housing, ensures that our goal to provide quality supportive housing is built into the very architecture and management of every unit we construct.

In 2007, PATH Ventures received its 501(c)3 nonprofit designation and made a commitment to develop a pipeline of 1,000 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing by the end of 2015. As of the beginning of 2015, we have completed seven projects (387 units), begun construction on three projects (143 units), and have confirmed funding and are moving toward construction on four projects (316 units). Additionally, PATH Ventures provides supportive services for 108 units through leasing agreements funded by various cities and has 574 units in the conceptual development and pre-development stages.

All together, these projects will provide more than 1,500 new homes for people in need. Our goal to have 1,000 units completed or under construction by the end of the year is well within reach.

PATH Venture Senior Staff

PATH and PATH Ventures share a senior executive team with a long-standing track record of success. For full a list visit here

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