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Ending Homelessness for people and communities

PATH’s mission is to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. Ever since it was founded in 1984, PATH has pioneered bold and effective approaches to assist people experiencing homelessness. In the last 3 years, PATH has moved over 6,000 individuals off the streets and into permanent apartments.

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A few of the PATH San Jose outreach team.


Megan Colvard, Director
31 N. 2nd St
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 753-8735


PATH San Jose is an integrated service and residential effort designed to address street homelessness in Downtown San Jose, and help local homeless individuals rebuild their lives and move into permanent apartments.

Quick Facts on PATH San Jose: 

  • PATH San Jose is not a homeless shelter or a drop–in center for social services.

  • This effort is designed to move people from the streets to housing in hopes of reducing homelessness in Downtown San Jose.

  • The team developed a similar project in Downtown San Diego that reduced street homelessness within a 1/4 mile of the project. 98% of residents still remain housed after two years.

  • This effort includes an apartment building that will provide 75 to 100 units and temporary housing for 16 individuals with onsite case management to serve the needs of our renters.

  • The building will also house a center that will provide services for the renters as well as support PATH’s current outreach teams working on the streets of Downtown San Jose.


The Connections Housing Team Includes:

Affirmed Housing: Affirmed Housing has been building housing for 20 years. It has nearly 40 housing developments consisting of over 3,000 units.

PATH Ventures: PATH Ventures was created by PATH in 2007 to address homelessness by building permanent supportive housing. PATH Ventures currently has 20 housing developments and 1,302 units completed or coming online soon.

Rendering of the development.


1. Is this a homeless shelter? If not, what is the difference between your model and a homeless shelter?

Homeless shelters provide temporary residence for homeless individuals and families. Homeless shelters offer a good resource, but they alone do not end homelessness. PATH’s permanent supportive housing model ends homelessness for individuals, families, and communities by providing permanent apartment homes for people who were formerly homeless, along with wrap around supportive services to ensure that people are able to succeed in housing for the long term. 

2. What is the difference between a group home and permanent supportive housing?

A group home is a congregate housing facility where a small number of unrelated people in need of care, support, or supervision can live together. “Group homes run the gamut from large institutional type environments to small home environments and provide various levels of structure, supervision, and services.” [1] 

Permanent supportive housing consists of high quality, safe, affordable, community-based apartment units that provide tenants with the rights of tenancy and links to services for people who are experiencing homelessness. Permanent supportive housing is a proven, effective means of reintegrating chronically homeless and other highly vulnerable homeless families and individuals into the community by addressing their basic needs for housing and providing ongoing support. [2] PATH’s permanent supportive housing model prioritizes the people on the streets of our neighborhood, increasing the quality of life of the entire community.

Our renters sign leases and must abide by Building Rules or they may be evicted. The building will be managed and maintained by a professional, third-party property management company. Our goal as owners is to operate a building that is safe, comfortable and well-maintained for our residents and our neighbors. 

3. How do we know this development will not become a magnet for homeless individuals in our community?

For the last 31 years, PATH has been implementing effective approaches that seek to benefit the entire community, by creating win-win solutions, not magnets for homelessness. We do not offer drop-in services for people experiencing homelessness: food, clothing, shelter. We offer a new model that: (1) prioritizes people who are homeless in our neighborhood; (2) emphasizes people being permanently housed, not just sheltered; and (3) shows that a community can address homelessness locally, in hopes that other neighborhoods in the region would replicate this model. 

4. I am happy to hear your development will focus on the homeless in St. James Park. How do we know your focus areas, like St. James, will not just become repopulated with more homeless individuals as soon as you begin placing people into permanent housing?

By permanently housing people living on the streets, rather than just sheltering them, PATH seeks to reduce homelessness in Downtown San Jose. PATH’s efforts in a neighborhood of Downtown San Diego reduced homelessness in that area by over 70 percent in just 5 years. In order to make these kinds of lasting impacts in our community, PATH will require commitments from the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, and the City of San Jose’s police department to ensure specific areas like St. James Park get the attention and ongoing enforcement needed to make critical changes Downtown.

5. Who are the people that will be housed? Will these people be permitted to have pets, drink alcohol, and use illegal substances?

On October 1, 2015, the City of San Jose partnered with PATH to provide integrated street outreach services in San Jose’s Downtown Core. As part of this outreach effort, PATH has been tasked with assessing homelessness Downtown and identifying the Downtown core’s most vulnerable and frequent utilizers of San Jose’s public systems. On October 20th, PATH’s street count identified 119 individuals experiencing homelessness in Downtown San Jose. Individuals identified during these kinds of counts will be prioritized for the housing development. 

PATH Supportive housing tenants will have a lease in their name and control over their living space. House rules are similar to those found in other apartment buildings. Tenants can remain in their homes as long as the basic requirements of tenancy are met—paying  the rent, not interfering with other tenants’ use of their homes, not causing property damage, etc. 

If our renter’s do not abide by our Building Rules they may be evicted. The building will be managed and maintained by a professional, third-party property management company. Our goal as owners is to operate a building that is safe, comfortable and well-maintained for our residents and our neighbors. 

[1] California Department of Social Services:

[2] United States Interagency Council on Homelessness:

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