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Planned gifts can take
on many forms,

cash, securities/stocks, artwork, real estate, life insurance policies, retirement plans, personal property and more.

Matching Gifts

If you plan to make a donation to PATH, you can double your impact by asking your employer to match it. Here’s how it works:


Find out if your employer
has a matching gift program.

Check with someone in your company’s Human Resources department. Many employers will match their employees’ gifts to charitable organizations up to 100%.


Donate to PATH

Be sure to keep a record of your donation. Check with your company to find out what documentation and information they need in order to match your gift.


Submit the required information
to your company

Most employers will ask you to submit some sort of form, with information about PATH and your donation, in order to make a matching gift.

NOTE: Some companies may make their matching gifts program available to their employees’ spouses, or to retirees. Other companies may donate a certain amount for volunteer hours worked by employees. Find out if this is the case, in order to maximize your gifts

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